Front Porch Studio

November 7, 2017

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Home (A)

We can change the navigation categories buttons but am working off what is set up in Shopify. The main image will rotate about 3-4 photos.

Featured Favorites - is a place to put 4 products that you want on the home page. This can be edited from time to time.

Newsletter Sign up - it's a good idea to give people something who signs up for your email. It can also be 10% off your first order...whatever you want.

We'll need text for Wholesale, Gift Cards, FAQ and Policies page (privacy policy, return policy, etc).

Home (B)

Same layout as above, but with a different photo and text overlay selling a different product. Can be a close-up shot too. These kind of shots are of the product in an environment (different from the product photos with the white backgrounds.)

Product Listing Page

Within the Home Goods section we can have subcategories: Sankaty, Dining, etc..    If you could send me an email of the main categories and then the subcategories within, that would be great.  In this example, they are divided up with headers. I just put these in as placement holders.

Product Detail Page

Here's an example of one of the product pages. It includes the title, price, description and color/size where applicable. For color, we can include color swatches or different photos of the products in color. Below that we have additional items that the customer might be interested in to cross promote.

About Page

I like this image because it's in color and goes nicely with the color scheme. Do you have new text to add? I just put in placeholder text for now.


Do you have text for Policies as well? The layout will be the same.