László Moholy-Nagy at LACMA

It was inspiring to see the László Moholy-Nagy exhibit this past weekend at LACMA. He was always one of my favorite artists in college and it's interesting to see how relevant his work remains to contemporary design and painting today. I especially enjoyed some of the small abstract paintings, collages and photomontages. He was a true master at balancing abstract forms and creating compositions with them. So pleasing to look at.

László Moholy-Nagy ,  "Red Cross and White Balls" , 1921

László Moholy-Nagy, "Red Cross and White Balls", 1921

László Moholy-Nagy ,  "19,"  1921, oil on canvas
László Moholy-Nagy ,  “F in Field”  1920 gouche and collage on paper
László Moholy-Nagy ,  Unknown title,  1920–21, gouache, collage, and graphite on paper
Levitated Mass - a large-scale 340-ton sculpture of a boulder by Michael Heizer outside the LACMA.

Levitated Mass - a large-scale 340-ton sculpture of a boulder by Michael Heizer outside the LACMA.

Happy Birthday Ray Eames

Today Ray Eames would have been 104 years old. She was and still is one of my biggest design heroes since attending art school and first seeing The Powers of Ten film.

She and her husband, Charles, were artists and designers in the 1940s. Through their 40 year collaboration, they explored design in furniture, architecture, crafts, textiles, illustration, photography and film. Several years later, their products are still popular and can be found at Herman Miller or Design Within Reach.

"What works good is better than what looks good, because what works good lasts." – Ray Eames

They designed their house and studio Case Study House #8 in Pacific Palisades – "a laboratory of creative thinking". If you haven't been, I highly recommend a visit.

For more information about Eames, check out the official Eames website: eamesoffice.com.

Art: Philippe Halsman and Salvador Dali

Philippe Halsman and Salvador Dalí collaborated on many photography projects with Halsman shooting Dali as the subject. The most famous one is Dalí Atomicus, which depicts the artist Dalí suspended in air with a bucket of water, three cats, a chair and the Leda Atomicus painting.


The photo was created in 1948 with a complicated set up and team working together to make all the subjects appear in suspension, at the same time, in an interesting composition. Philippe was a creative genius when it came to setting up a picture with props and techniques which would normally be created very easily and quickly today in Photoshop.

TIME Magazine recently listed Dali Atomicus as one of "The Top 100 Photographs of All Time" and features the process of how the photograph was created in the video below.

The video is narrated by my dear friend Irene Halsman, Philippe Halsman's daughter.

You can read more about the 37 year collaboration and friendship between Philippe Halsman and Salvadore Dalí here: http://100photos.time.com/photos/philippe-halsman-dali-atomicus

View more samples of Philippe Halsman's work on his website: www.philippehalsman.com