Project Launch: Rustic Canyon

We're proud to share this latest restaurant website project.

Rustic Canyon Wine Bar & Seasonal Kitchen grew from a series of dinners that founder Josh Loeb held inside his family’s beautiful tree house of a home nestled in Rustic Canyon, an intimate neighborhood carved into the mountains of Santa Monica.

The restaurant is an extension of this, where friends near and far can come together and celebrate the best things in life: great food, great wine, and great people.

Rustic Canyon offers a regularly changing menu of Farmers’ Market-inspired dishes with ingredients that come from local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen who practice sustainable agriculture.

I've been working with the Rustic Canyon Restaurant Group since I first designed Josh and Zoe's wedding invitations and website years ago. Over the years, I've seen the restaurant group grow and expand and have helped them with their sister restaurant websites.

Just in time for their 10th Anniversary, Josh was ready to update Rustic's website and I couldn't be more thrilled.  He really wanted to keep the branded look of the previous site, while also making it feel up to date and user friendly.  This entailed building it in Wordpress and using larger photos to show of the delicious food, ingredients and restaurant.

The site was created to be mobile-friendly and easy for the management to make daily menu changes on their own in the back-end of the site.

Photos by Rick Poon. Dishes from their 10th Anniversary Dinner Series.

Photos by Rick Poon. Dishes from their 10th Anniversary Dinner Series.

From Josh:

"Sheila is fantastic to work with. We've had a longstanding relationship with her dating back to when she designed the website for our wedding, and then moving on to our restaurants like Huckleberry and Milo & Olive. She recently did a much needed revamp of our Rustic Canyon website and it looks great.  Sheila is creative and collaborative and really easy to work with.  We're looking forward to working with her on our new projects." 

– Josh Loeb, Rustic Canyon Family of Restaurants